by Ed Castner | McGriff Insurance, Assistant Vice Principal

It cracks me up every time I hear someone talk about wanting to be the only person within their field of business in a networking group. I can’t believe that some people still come from such a place of lack trying to make sure that they are the only option. They miss out on so much more and the chance to really grow their business and if taking care of the client is truly their number one focus then they better network with people from other companies in the same field.

One of the things I love about SES is that there is no exclusivity because it enables people in the same industry to share ideas, best practices, and really try to help each other grow. I can tell you that I regularly talk to other agents with the same areas of focus as mine so that we can share information and best practices to grow our businesses. Then what’s even better, is that I have referred business to a “competitor” because they had access to a product or market that I did not, and I have received some very good referrals from them as well.

Think about people you have met in the same industry as you that you have met and actually liked talking to, then reach out to them and start building a relationship. Who knows, they may give you some industry insight you didn’t have, connect you with someone to help your business, give you business down the road, or maybe it’s a relationship that solves a big problem for one of your clients when you may not have had the best solution. Your client will never be more impressed and loyal than if you tell them, “in this case I want to send you to Jane Doe because she has a better option than I do for you and I want to make sure you are protected”.

So think collaboration and not competition.

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