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Tired of standing on the Sideline? Are you ready to get in the Game? It’s time to “Focus and Finish”

In Sellebrity, business leader Kofi Nartey gives you the script on how to build and grow a successful clientele of athletes and entertainers.Whether you are a real estate professional, financial advisor, attorney, business coach,personal trainer, insurance rep, pet sitter or any other professional service provider, if you want to break into selling to and serving the sports and entertainment niche, Sellebrity gives you the successful game plan.

In Sellebrity, Kofi teaches you how to:

* Navigate through the gatekeepers of agents and business managers
* Get into the “inner circle” and become a trusted advisor
* Specialize in your industry
* Understand when and how to go that extra mile
* Find a mentor and make yourself a resource

Sellebrity gets you off the bench and into the action!