January 2021

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This year has started off with an energy shift. We have an opportunity to lean into this energy, and bring this energy to our clients in the form of value. The momentum for 2021 starts now and will carry us through the inevitable ebbs and flows of business. Let's get after it.Welcome to the Sports and Entertainment Society Newsletter! This year has started off with an energy shift. We have an opportunity to lean into this energy, and bring this energy to our clients in the form of value. The momentum for 2021 starts now and will carry us through the inevitable ebbs and flows of business. Let's get after it.

-Kofi Nartey and
The Sports and Entertainment Society Team

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On top of the world luxury

On Top of the World of Luxury:

Dubai’s Burj Al Arab Serves as the Gold Standard for High-End Hotels

Unveiled in 1999, the Burj Al Arab made all heads turn toward Dubai. At the time, had shattered every notion of what luxury should be. With its exotic locale on a manmade island in the UAE, it has reigned supreme among all 5-star hotels worldwide for 21 years.

For those that seek the royal treatment, few places in the world can match the elite style of Burj Al Arab. Privacy, seclusion, luxury, and impeccable service await your every command, set to a backdrop of beautiful waters and extensive list of amenities that make a stay here nothing short of perfection.

Extravagance in Every Room

A stay in Burj Al Arab assures that no guest will find themselves in cramped quarters. Every room in this luxury property is a deluxe suite. The triangular shape of the hotel, designed to look like the sail of a ship jutting from the sea, was a deliberate intention to ensure every guest had luxury accommodations.


The rooms are lavish with features too. Mattresses cost more than cars and bedding is stuffed with genuine duck feathers for an unparalleled sleeping experience. Adding in even more comfort, guests have access to a pillow menu where they have a choice of 17 options that vary in firmness and size. A 14-piece Hermès set of toiletries awaits in the grandiose bathroom of every suite.


member contribution

Brandon Leopoldus

Los Angeles, CA
p. (323) 682-0511

What set’s you apart from others that work in your industry?  What is the ancillary and additional value you provide to your connections, prospective clients, and your current and former clients?

Answering these questions can be difficult – especially when you are focused on growing your business.  You may be “the best” but what does that mean?  One easy way to become indispensable to your clients and connections, is to deal in relationship capital.   I am not the only SES member that focuses on providing the value of connecting others to those in roles our clients need who we know, like, and trust.

The focus of dealing in relationship capital, is to look for holes in your client’s lives that need to be filled and can be filled by like-minded professionals that you know will be the right professional for your client.  I have a list of 12 roles I know my sports and entertainment clients need in their lives.  I ask who is filling these roles when I begin working with my clients and fill in the missing roles with professionals I know will do right by my client and do good work.  Not only do my clients appreciate it, but so do those who I plug in to work with them.

Think about what ancillary or additional value you can provide to your connections and clients and think about adding relationship capital into the mix!

Rozita C. Yacobi

Beverly Hills, CA
p. (310) 276-1128

What is it you do?

Attorney at Law at Yacobi Law, APC

What is the most effective strategy for growing your sports and entertainment business?

The most effective strategy for growing my boutique estate planning practice is to develop, maintain and nurture genuine and meaningful relationship with the representatives, agents and advisors to individuals or families engaged in the sports and entertainment industry. Collective collaboration, transparency and professionalism will allow us to provide exceptional services.


Marcellus Upshaw 

(281) 620-3362

What is it you do?

Private Client Financial Advisor at Bank of America. Working with high net worth individuals to create and execute on generational wealth plans.

What are two of your favorite ways to network in the sports and entertainment industry?

I thoroughly enjoy networking at social events affiliated with the sports and entertainment industry.  Examples includes attending gifting lounges, dinners, and events around award shows (i.e. ESPYs, GRAMMYs, etc.) and sporting attractions (i.e. Super Bowl, All-Star weekend, etc.). I am able to meet clients, prospects, and COIs in an environment that is festive and entertaining.

The second way I like to network is through participating on panels focused on financial empowerment. The topics of discussion can range from creating a 100-year legacy plan, dealing with family dynamics, and philanthropy to helping business owners think through succession planning, exit strategies, and generational differences.

Both of these trategies allow me to make connections within the sports and entertainment industry in an authentic way while displaying experience and a specialization in my practice.

Anthony Davenport

Los Angeles, New York & London

What is it you do?

CEO and my primary responsibility is to manage and protect the credit and identities of athletes and entertainers.

What is the most important key to retaining your current sports and entertainment clients?

We pride ourselves on the fact that we have had only 2% of clients cancel our credit protection service, and 1 client cancel our service to remove information from the web.  We’ve done this by constantly working to improve the service and add on additional aspects once people ask for them.

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