By: Brandon Leopoldus | Leopoldus Law

Many in the business world are “business card ninjas” who litter events and emails with their card saying “call me if you ever need a _____.”   This focus is all about selling one-on-one.  Let’s face it, that focus is a lot of work with very little ROI.

Instead, try looking for those who are good fits for your ideal clients, and focus on meeting those who work with your ideal client in a variety of roles, and think outside of the box!

Sometimes, the roles you would dismiss, are the people that will change your business.  For me, it was working with an athletic trainer to professional athletes.  What in the world could a lawyer and an athletic trainer do for one another? Well, we were both focused on protecting young athletes, and it became a great relationship where I would connect this trainer to others I trusted who work with athletes, and he would provide me a glowing (honest) recommendation to his clients – providing me access to these players. This connection has increased my business more than most financial advisors, CPA’s, agents, and other lawyers could ever do.

Keep this in mind when you think that you don’t need to know people in certain roles.  Remember: if someone is working with your ideal clients in a role that you don’t fill – it is a good idea to get to know them!

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