Unveiled in 1999, the Burj Al Arab made all heads turn toward Dubai. At the time, had shattered every notion of what luxury should be. With its exotic locale on a manmade island in the UAE, it has reigned supreme among all 5-star hotels worldwide for 21 years.

For those that seek the royal treatment, few places in the world can match the elite style of Burj Al Arab. Privacy, seclusion, luxury, and impeccable service await your every command, set to a backdrop of beautiful waters and extensive list of amenities that make a stay here nothing short of perfection.

Extravagance in Every Room

A stay in Burj Al Arab assures that no guest will find themselves in cramped quarters. Every room in this luxury property is a deluxe suite. The triangular shape of the hotel, designed to look like the sail of a ship jutting from the sea, was a deliberate intention to ensure every guest had luxury accommodations.

The rooms are lavish with features too. Mattresses cost more than cars and bedding is stuffed with genuine duck feathers for an unparalleled sleeping experience. Adding in even more comfort, guests have access to a pillow menu where they have a choice of 17 options that vary in firmness and size. A 14-piece Hermès set of toiletries awaits in the grandiose bathroom of every suite.

Sublime Service

The distinction of the Burj Al Arab is having access to service any time, day or night. Your wish is their command, and with 6 staff members to every guest, the efficiency is incredible. Private 24-hour butler service is included for every suite as well, meaning that guests will have full attention for fulfilling their desires.

In the world of luxury hotels, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that won’t offer car service from the airport. Burj Al Arab goes above and beyond, setting a new standard with a fleet of Rolls-Royce cars ready to pick you up so you can arrive in style. Should you desire to go on excursions around Dubai, the cars will escort you there as well.

Why keep to the ground though? The hotel also boasts a private helipad. If there’s anything that can rival a Rolls-Royce, private helicopter charters might just be it. However, if your desire is to play golf at the top of the world, the helipad can be converted into a golf green or a tennis court. It also famously became a racetrack in 2013.

Luxuries Abound Throughout

Guests have their choice of ways to indulge during their stay in the Burj Al Arab. The private beaches allow for proper sun-soaking with staff at the ready to bring you anything you desire. Telise Spa offers all the premium pampering and treatments in a serene and beautiful surrounding when you’d rather take a break from the sun.

From the atrium to the hallways to the aquariums, 24-karat gold leaf adorns massive pillars and elevator doors. The gold carries through to engraved iPads that are given to every guest on arrival to book spa treatments, summon the butler, and access the dining menus.

Each restaurant in the hotel is an epicurean experience all its own though Al Mahara is helmed by Michelin-starred chef Nathan Outlaw who creates enchanting fresh seafood dishes. Indulge with a tasting and wine pairing option to truly sip and savor every last bit of the good life at Burj Al Arab.

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